Writing a poem

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  1. Elbsonne
    08/01/2016 at 10:26 · Reply

    Super Gedicht Misses!

    • winnfried
      08/01/2016 at 13:39 · Reply

      Thanks dicker Drücker!

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The Challenge

A friend of mine sent me the following challenge – I am challenging the Tooth Fairy to write a poem , 8 lines or more, about being a volunteer doctor in a foreign country. But also I am challenging you to recite that poem in front of a crowd, say 5 or more people who will understand the language you wrote it in. Post the video on your blog as a proof. This sounds easy but believe me… it’s not at all … pfffffttthhh :)

so here it comes:

Dogs are barking, roosters screaming, cats are singing, church bells ringing

time to get up even though it’s still dark, the rolling clinic is about to embark

a quick breakfast and we are on the road, to villages so far away and remote

German Doctors in the Philippines, brings help to people with needs

with volunteer doctors and lovely philippino assistants, we are helping so many with our persistence

a tough day lays ahead, till we see again our bed

the team sets up our site – somewhere in the hills, beautiful nature with houses on stilts

forceps on a table are patiently waiting to be used, nobody really wants to be in THEIR shoes :)

many people with aching teeth come to see me today, relief me from pain –  please pull my teeth with no further delay

the pain is real nobody is faking, teeth I pull out, some are breaking

too many cheap sweets, toothbrushes a luxury, destroys the teeth, a meal is of higher priority

pulling teeth the whole day can be quite hard, but happy faces I get as reward.

we drive back to find our beds waiting, exhausted we fall in, dreams are shaping

till the roosters are calling again, to go on another day for this awesome campaign

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