German Doctors e.V.

German DotorsGerman Doctors e.V. is an international NGO, which sends German Doctors to volunteer in projects at the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Nicaragua.

German Doctors e.V. follows the mission statement that every human being has the right to medical care no matter their origin. They are committed to a life of dignity and look after healthcare and education of underprivileged people across their regions of operation. Through preventive measures such as nutrition programs and education in hygiene they provide long term healthcare for their patients.

They help people no matter what ethnic background, religion, nationality, political belief or other distinguishing features.

The deployed doctors work during their annual leave or retirement for a period of six weeks and waive any compensation.

More than 6400 missions with more than 3000 doctors were completed since 1983.

Please visit German Doctors e.V. online (German only)


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