At first I need to disappoint you … sorry, but this is gonna be an article without any pictures, because it stands for itself!!!

So if you like my photographs, you need to be patient and I hope, you carry on reading this article!

It’s been nearly 7 months now and I traveled quite a bit.

I started my journey in the Philippines, went to Borneo, saw not all but a huge part of beautiful Indonesia, spend Xmas and New Years in Singapore and currently I am still in amazing Malaysia.

On my way I met a lot of people, fellow travelers with all kinds of interesting life stories to tell as well as a lot of locals :)

To use the words of a lovely Chinese Woman I met in Penang (Malaysia) who said to me „you are blessed“, Yes I consider myself pretty lucky.

Life didn’t throw me any huge obstacles on my way, only tiny ones which I was easily be able to overcome, little problems I always could solve.

Life gave me a lot of opportunities instead and sometimes it seems as if I only need to pick them up and just take it as it is with almost no effort.

Now that I am traveling, life gives me a lot of things I can still learn, I am ‚allowed‘ to experience, to discover and that almost every single day!

Thanks universe :)))

I get to learn about different cultures, different religions, traditions, new/other perspectives of life.

And I need to tell you something … I am feeling alive again – Finally !

I made the decision to leave my old life behind, jumped and landed in this ice cold ocean of Life, of New, of Excitement and I am happy ever since!

Don’t get me wrong… I also have days when I am feeling lonely and I wish I could spend time with my family and friends.

But slowly and steady I get used to the fact, that solitude is also needed to balance my life.

I am enjoying moments more than I ever did in my old life and I never regretted my decision to leave and start a new, for now never ending chapter. :))))

I appreciate what I have (or not have anymore and don’t miss) and I don’t take things for granted anymore and YES I have such great old and new friends and a family who supports me no matter what! THANKS to all the beautiful souls out there who take me as I am and love me for it!

But back to ‚Aren’t we all foreigners?‘

While reading this you might notice, this is an emotional piece I wrote for you (again).

Yeah… the always so tough appearing tooth fairy who travels with wings and a big heart and who has a lot of emotions to share. :)

If something is near and dear to my heart, I simply need to get it out into the world and off my chest, everybody can and in this case, should know!!!!


I am a foreigner in a foreign country while I am traveling. And you, who is going on a vacation to a destination of your choice every year during your summer/winter break, you are too! Everyone is at some point!

Sometimes it feels like as I call it  being a white monkey in a zoo, because people stare at me, want to take pictures of me/ with me (don’t know how many are out there already).

But that’s only because I look different to them and I come from a different background. People are in general very curious about other people when they are different than themselves.

THAT IS something AMAZING and and I got used to it, don’t mind it at all.

What I noticed in all the countries I traveled through though is …


I never had a bad encounter with locals and all of them greeted me with this heartwarming hospitality, showed me around, let me stay at their places, helped me whenever it was needed with whatever was needed and made this – my personal journey – VERY SPECIAL!

When I am writing this, a lot of occasions immediately come to my mind.

Let me tell you about one, two … maybe three :)

I stayed with a Malaysian new friend and his family in Kuala Lumpur. (I met him in Philippines). I was taken care of for quite some time (Malaysian love to eat by the way lol) and they even invited me to their hometown where I was getting the chance to attend a muslim wedding. Thanks to the whole family ;)

The second amazing story I would like to share is about a Polish couple I met at Togean Island (Sulawesi).

There are no ATM’s at Togean Islands and somehow I calculated my budget wrong (me being German hahahaha). Long story short, they gave me 50 $ and didn’t want me to pay them back. They just said „if another person crosses your path and is in distress/trouble, give it to him/her with the same intention of giving it to the next person who needs help“. Thanks R and A :)

The other day, in the evening, I was sitting at a table with at least 10 different nationalities .. can you imagine, how interesting that was????

This kind of occasions happen all the time and I could fill a whole evening with it!


at the table I just mentioned, we came up with a theory…

What if traveling would be a mandatory subject at school?

What if young minds, let’s say after they finished high school go and travel the world for at least 6 month and experience different cultures, religions?

Would that not open their eyes and minds towards all the differences between human beings? For sure!

Wouldn’t that be the first step to respect and accept all those differences?

I am well aware, that will stay a dream, because some are less fortunate, but you get the point right?!

This article is not suppose to start any kind of political or religious discussion, far from it!

But, if you are still with me and kept on reading up to here … let me give you my personal conclusion of my experiences.

The important thing in life is to respect and accept other people no matter what nationality, color, culture, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

If you don’t do that already … LEARN IT …NOW!

Especially in times of crises like now, where the world is troubled for what it seems to me everywhere … BE KIND, BE HUMAN and BE AN IDOL for the kids around you, so the next generation can grow up in a world with more joy and happiness!

A little bit of love and a smile doesn’t do any harm! Do something good every now and then and don’t expect something in return!!! Just do it and you will see it will come back to you anyway!

If we all put a little bit of effort into it, we might be able to change things – build bridges to connect us all!

Talking about doing something good… I would be super happy , if you can support my fundraising for German Doctors (NGO) by checking my current challenge and maybe donate a little bit of your hard earned money for this cause! Million thanks to all of you who contributed already :) and thanks to all who will join! Love you!

Stay happy as always

Yours truly

the tooth fairy – Winnie

Posted on 20/02/2016 in Blog, Magical Moments

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Responses (4)
  1. Naz
    22/02/2016 at 09:58 · Reply

    I didn’t want the article to end!! Your journey is so inspirational and I love the story about the polish couple ‘pay it forward’ is a fantastic concept!!

    I am so glad you meet only welcoming people, you know actually I am curious if this is the case everywhere in the world because I know the East Asian countries (with the exception of North Korea :D) are especially welcoming and this is part of the culture they live.

    I am so glad you are feeling alive and happy, you of all people deserve this! You are so right, travelling should be a school curriculum, people really need to understand and open their minds to the ‘difference’ that exists in the world. This might make us more tolerant and we need that today. I believe the ME is just heading for one big disaster and a country that was so historically rich and beautiful like Syria (it was on my bucket list) is now reduced to rubble and I am so worried that more countries will join this fate….maybe travelling would have helped….had they taken the trouble of knowing each other and knowing we are all human.

    Keep spreading your magic!!

    • winnfried
      22/02/2016 at 10:13 · Reply

      I am happy you feel that way too … it’s too sad what happens all around us, that I felt the need of screaming it out loud … to be human should be a matter of fact for everybody!

  2. Val Goslin
    22/02/2016 at 13:05 · Reply

    Lovely Post Winnie!

    “Travel: Because you have no idea who you are until you experience yourself through different people and realize how
    we’re all the same.”

    So Happy for you, it seems you are discovering yourself – Miss you, Lots of Love,
    ~ x ~

    • winnfried
      22/02/2016 at 14:25 · Reply

      It was the right thing to do to widen my horizon :) thanks for the comment, I am sure at some point my path will lead back to you! Xo

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