Travelling the Philippines and falling in Love

No, no, no, no it’s not what you think …. I need to disappoint you ….. I didn’t fall in love with the man of my live, ‚The One‘  is still out there hahahahaha, at least I hope so. :)

The first three weeks of my travels I simply fell in love with the Philippines, for many reasons.

I fell in Love with Siargao, this beautiful island, just an one hour flight southeast of Cebu city. The island and especially all the people I met there, made it very easy to have a great start to my journey. Everybody was so friendly, always a smile on the face, always a shout „Hi :) Kumústa ka?“ (How are you?), always happy to talk to me as a stranger … I wish I could be back again at this beautiful little spot on earth with this lush greenery (coconut palms, mango trees, mangroves, rice fields) and amazing beaches and the best surf spots of the Philippines right at your door step.

I also ‚fell in love‘ with this amazing woman, Sanne a Swedish girl, who decided to stay there forever after she found the love of her life.

I stayed at her hostel (

Paglaom Hostel

And it turned out to be the best decision ever … because she gave me the opportunity to help her with doing something good for the kids at the local orphanage ( Also check their Facebook: Nature kids of Siargao. We did dental check up’s together at one day (check the video sequence :)

The Tooth Fairy At A Thousand Smiles Orphanage

And at another we went together with some more volunteers to pick up the kids and have an afternoon at the beach, where we collected waste, played with them and just turned into kids again ourselves with loads of laughs and smiles. And of course as a rewards we all had some chocolate ice-cream later :))))

With my sweethearts Jenna and Michelle :)

And in-between the Tooth Fairy learned surfing :) without her wings, check it out!

So I flew out to Cebu City and stayed there for one night with a couchsurfing-friend :) thanks Alieth. But I wanted to get out of the city with its noise and dust and stress as soon as possible.

So I took the bus to Moalboal the next day … hahahah what an adventure for me as a German, this was totally new to me… a non-air conditioned bus with open windows and open doors :) (would never be possible back in Germany). But here it’s pretty normal and quite practical at the same time. Vendors can jump in and out to sell their snacks :)

In Moalboal I checked into the next hostel (Backpackers Lounge) and met a great group of Malaysians :) and a Philippine lady Lannah :). The next day we rented a boat together and went on a snorkeling trip to Piscador Island, swam with a swarm of sardines wow :)

Snorkeling in Moalboal

Near Moalboal are the Khawasan Falls .. check them out if you will be there at some point :) really beautiful and if you are more adventurous do some canyoning.

Khawasan Falls

Or go for an very relaxed sunset at White Beach :)

sunset at white beach - Moalboal

The next what was on my must-do list, was snorkeling with the whale sharks in Oslob. Those gentle giants I needed to see from up close.

snorkeling with whale-sharks

For my taste a bit too touristy and too commercialized and I am convinced it would have been a much better choice to do it in Donsol, because from what I have heard there, they don’t feed the whale-sharks!!!!

Together with an Austrian girl which I met in Oslob and her friend, we also visited the very impressive Tumalog Falls.

Tumalog Falls

We went to Argao to catch the ferry to Bohol the next day. Actually, the ferry went from Taloot and not Argao as written in every travel guide book!!!!

We had booked a room in ‚Nuts Huts‘. The driver of the tricycle dropped us right at the street and said it’s another 500m walk down here. That shouldn’t be a big problem even when carrying a backpack on your back and a smaller, but also heavy one in the front. hahahahaha WRONG! it turned out to be a very muddy, stony way and it wasn’t only 500m. It was more like 1.5 km, followed by what seemed to be a thousand steps down stairs.  I survived :) hardly lol, but got rewarded with a tranquil place in the middle of the jungle. The same evening my Philippine friend Lannah joined us again :).

Nuts Huts lies directly at the Loboc River … just perfect to do some Kayaking the next morning.

Kayaking at Loboc River

And in the afternoon we got a lift from an ambulance, yeah you heard right, an ambulance lol to the chocolate hills .. fun ride but maybe not a good omen, because the next few days I was sick with fever and chills and all :(

Chocolate Hills

But the Tarsiers I need to see as well :)


I fell in love with the country, with the very welcoming warmhearted people, with their spirit, with their positivity and i fell in love with their the nature.

I know this has been only a tiny part of the Philippines, but i will for sure come back!

For now I am off to Mindanao to work for German Doctors ( for the next 6 weeks… so stay tuned what the Tooth Fairy will experience there … for sure it’s gonna be tough!

Don’t forget to also check on my upcoming challenge – ‚Truth or Fairy‘ on my blog.

Stay happy and healthy my friends out there.

Yours truly

the Tooth Fairy


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Responses (17)
  1. Astrid
    05/09/2015 at 08:46 · Reply

    Supercool, du sprühst ja geradezu von Leben & Abenteuer! Ich freu mich so sehr für Dich! Hoffe bald wieder zu hören obgleich Du durchaus wichtigeres zu tun hast! Haha
    Alles liebe von uns, dicken Gruß & Kuss
    Stefan & Astrid

    • winnfried
      05/09/2015 at 09:05 · Reply

      Awwww so schön von Dir zu lesen :) danke Dir, ja mir geht’s super gut, auch wenn die im Moment laufende Mission super anstrengend ist. Montag geht’s wieder für zehn Tage los und ein Artikel darüber kommt dann irgendwann. Liebe Grüsse an Euch!

  2. Matt
    08/09/2015 at 04:20 · Reply

    You look like you’re having a ball!!!! Great to see it, Winster! xoxo

  3. Marleen
    09/09/2015 at 09:12 · Reply

    Super schoen Winnie. Keep it coming!!!

  4. Witsch
    11/09/2015 at 18:22 · Reply

    Yeah Winnie! keep on surfing!!!

  5. Naz
    21/09/2015 at 19:37 · Reply

    Wow! Loved your story and the photos that accompanied it are unbelievable!!! Puts a smile on my face to see the fairy in those photos!! I hope your grand adventure carries on and we are all the more richer because you let us share this adventure with you!! XOXOXO

    • winnfried
      22/09/2015 at 01:39 · Reply

      Awww thanks for the lovely words! I am happy to share my experiences im my articles and pictures! But i would also love to have you visit me sometime :)))

  6. NaVal Goslin
    22/09/2015 at 15:38 · Reply

    I came to check that all still well with you, unsettling news about the kidnappings from Samal Islands! Great stuff and beautiful photo’s, love the surfing! Giggle :-D Stay safe my friend! Val

    • winnfried
      23/09/2015 at 02:52 · Reply

      All good here thx xo winnie

  7. ray ban wayfarer
    25/09/2015 at 03:53 · Reply

    Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring.Keep on posting!

    • winnfried
      25/09/2015 at 17:29 · Reply

      Thx a lot, more coming soon :)

  8. elaine quired)
    27/09/2015 at 22:33 · Reply

    Beautiful Winnie. Just beautiful. We gotta share an adventure soon.

    • winnfried
      28/09/2015 at 01:48 · Reply

      We will for sure :) looking forward to it!

    07/10/2015 at 15:00 · Reply

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

    • winnfried
      08/10/2015 at 06:33 · Reply

      Thanks a million :)

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