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Feeling the rain

Why sometimes solo travel sucks! Do you know the feeling, when you wake up in the morning and actually nothing is wrong, but somehow you have this strange feeling in your guts and nothing feels right at all? And then you look out the window and it’s raining???!!! That’s how I felt this morning! I…

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Volunteering for CAMKIDS – NGO – A Special Happy-Project, Laughters and Tears

You know how life sometimes, if not always, throws the right things at you at the right time, do you? Last October I met Helen in Borneo (Malaysia) and she pointed Camkids out to me. Thanks Helen :) And because my aim while traveling is to bring some smiles into peoples lives and to give something…

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11 sunrises, hot chocolate, a man and a coffee after

My personal challenge of being in a silent retreat for 10 days   On my trip I met a couple of people who told me about silent retreats. I had never heart about it before and was immediately curious about it, even more, I was challenged. What is a silent retreat?!   It is a…

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SUMMARY OF MY FIRST 7 MONTHS TRAVELING  At first I need to disappoint you … sorry, but this is gonna be an article without any pictures, because it stands for itself!!! So if you like my photographs, you need to be patient and I hope, you carry on reading this article! It’s been nearly 7…

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A Thousand Smiles in Siargao

My first stop on my big adventure led me to a magical place without even knowing it – Siargao Island – Philippines. I immediately fell in love and I swear I will come back! Leaving Dubai and giving up on my old life, I just wanted to spent a couple of days relaxing at a…

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