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Hi there!

I am the Tooth Fairy and I am living my dream.

Why the Tooth Fairy?

Because it’s much nicer than just saying ‘The Dentist Travels‘. Yes, I am a dentist and I consider each smile from my patients – magical.

And what is the dream?

In my blog I am combining my passion for traveling, photography and charity to raise awareness and to give something back from the good fortune I have to those less fortunate.

So join me as I travel far and wide, capturing special moments, sharing a few beers ;) and sprinkling fairy dust for those who could use some magic.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, my name is


Truth or Fairy

Challenge the Fairy

Here you, the readers of my blog come into play and can get involved and donate money to a project I choose. I decided to support the project I will get involved myself end of August 2015 at Mindanao (Philippines). Please feel free to check also the articles about this mission here.

To make it more interesting and also fun for you, I came up with the idea that you can send me ideas for challenges I need to fulfill.

I will set a minimum amount to donate and also a goal to reach. Is the goal reached, I will take on the challenge and report back at you with pictures and an article.


I would like to dedicate your donations to the German Doctors e.V an internationally working NGO and support their work.






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    Please be aware to challenge the Fairy only if you have the intention to support her charities.

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    My Challenges

    Please support my challenges with your donation

    These are the challenges the readers of my blog were giving me. Thank you for supporting my charities and good deeds.


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    The good deeds of the Fairy

    During my travels I would like to get involved in different projects in the countries I will visit.

    My first mission is gonna be at Mindanao (Philippines) starting end of August till beginning of October 2015. I will work six weeks for German Doctors e.V. where I will join the “Rolling Clinic” to help people in need. In my case, being a dentist means extracting teeth the whole day.

    Volunteering for CAMKIDS – NGO – A Special Happy-Project, Laughters and Tears

    You know how life sometimes, if not always, throws the right things at you at the right time, do you? Last October I met Helen in Borneo (Malaysia) and she pointed Camkids out to me. Thanks Helen :) And because my aim while traveling is to bring some smiles into peoples ...
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